Class Council

Stay updated with your class councils for upcoming events and fundraisers. Feel free to come and support your class!

Freshman Council

Freshman Council

Freshman Council is a group of students who are dedicated to make the Class of 2019 as great as possible. The Freshman Council is led by the Freshman President Cecille Omega, Freshman Vice President Annette Kang, and Freshman Senator Rachel Kim. The delegates are Anthony DeYoe, Ariana Gamble, Arianna Laleh, Blossom Madumere, Jeffrey Daks, Salma Tarzi, and Tre Lau. As a freshman class, we are doing our best to raise as much money as we can for our senior year, so come out to as many fundraisers as you can! It is also our job to encourage freshmen to actively participate in school activities. If you want to be up to date on everything that is going on in Freshman Council, there are meetings held every Thursday in the Health room during lunch. Please join us!

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Sophomore Council

Sophomore Class Council

Our mission as the Class of 2018 is to be the most involved and spirited class. As well as raise as much money as possible for our senior year. This includes food fundraisers, apparel, in school fundraisers, and many other things! It is our responsibility to reach out to all sophomores and keep them informed and involved of all opportunities they have to benefit themselves and our class. To do so we make sure our class communicates with one another and works together to reach our goals and make it a memorable sophomore year! Our council is lead by President Nadia Vargas, Vice President Isabel Nakoud, and Senator Mimi Parrott. Our ASB delegates are Sharmaine Sapon, Jordan Shaw, Ryan Shaw, Lida Haiati, Chris Ha, Vivian Takla, Alyssa Asprer, Alex Gatus, Maricar Ordonez, and Emily French. Stay involved and come to our council meetings thursdays in C5! Make sure to follow our social media accounts as well.

Instagram: ghchs2018
Twitter: ghchs2018
Facebook: GHCHS Class of 2018

Junior Council

Junior Council

Junior Council is designed to extend the privilege of leadership to the rest of the junior class. By doing so, council members will help raise money for a comfortable and enjoyable senior year. Council is led by Junior President Josiah Laney, Vice President Zachary Gamble, and Senator Kaitlyn Nguyen. Alongside the officers, various delegates individually manage fundraisers, making posters and banners, and publicizing events through social media accounts. Our delegates include Shravani Reddy, Goldy Faramarzyan, Nicole Ben-nun, Amanda Wilheim, Cory Travaglini, Mohib Jafri, Jessica Wilheim, Hasibe Caballero-Gomez, Eljohn Dela Cruz, and Dianna Henriquez.

Instagram: @ghchs2017
Twitter: @ghcclassof2017