ASB Representatives

ASB Cabinet

Josiah Laney – ASB President
Responsibilities: My job is to appease and represent the students on campus while integrating new ideas and activities to increase the overall student satisfaction on campus.
• GoalsTo make people feel satisfied with their class activities and events while increasing school spirit.
Fun Fact: I don’t like writing fun facts because I never know what to say, LOL.

Goldy Faramarzyan – ASB Vice President
Responsibilities: As ASB Vice President I have equal responsibility as the President to keep the class in order and on track. Also I serve as the student voting member in the student services committee and I hope to get proposals passed in order to better improve student life on campus. I also oversee committees within ASB in order to have successful events.
Goals: As I mentioned above, my main goal this year is to work with the student services committee in order to pass proposals which can better the student life at Granada.
Fun Fact: I am apart of the first AP Capstone cohort here at Granada. Also, I may seem shy at times but feel free to stop me to talk to me!

Zachary Gamble– ASB Secretary
Responsibilities: My job is to handle all of the paperwork and filing that ASB needs taken care of. I am the one who creates all of the power point presentations, sends out emails to students regarding important information, and takes roll during class. This position requires a lot of organization and responsibility but also a lot of flexibility in scheduling.
Goals: This year I hope to plan ahead and lead the class to reach bigger and better goals. I would also love to create stronger relationships between upper and lower classes by helping students feel more comfortable around campus.
Fun Fact: I am in XC and Track and Field and in Choir. I enjoy dancing and BOBA!!

Mohib Jafri – ASB Treasurer
Responsibilities: As the Treasurer, I closely manage the ASB Budget as well as the Student Body Fund. As an officer, I oversee the Club Council, Homecoming Parade, and M.E.N.D. Drive Committees to advise and assist our co-chairs for access. I also serve as the Operations Standing Committee voting member, where we suggest and approve physical facility changes on campus.
Goals: I hope to emphasize the government part of Student-Government this year. As student representatives, it is the duty of every person on this page to ensure that the concerns and qualms of the student body are heard, and that appropriate changes are made to improve student life here at Granada. I encourage everyone to fill out an ASB Suggestion in the Quick-Links if you'd like to suggest any changes on campus.
Fun Fact: I programmed a robot-butler to greet my bird in the morning and give him his breakfast while playing his favorite music. My bird is a huge alternative rock fan.

Eljohn DelaCruz – ASB Historian
Responsibilities: As the ASB Historian, I am responsible for documenting the activities in the ASB class, as well as all over the school during pep-rallies, friday activities, and more! I also make the ASB badges and oversee the more technology based committees in ASB like Video-Technology and Homecoming Tickets. I am also the Director of Communications which means that I am responsible for the social media accounts that ASB has like Facebook and Instagram. Aside from that, I am also the student representative for the Curriculum and Instruction standing committee where we discuss important issues regarding the changes to curriculum on the campus. However, I consider my most important job helping lead the ASB class so that we can all work together to represent the student body as a whole.
Goals: One of my main goals this year is to take as many pictures as possible so that the memories of all the activities can be saved for years to come. I also want to make the best of my senior year and final year in ASB!
• Fun Fact: I really enjoy playing the ukulele and playing tennis whenever I can. I also really love taking pictures and playing around with different muses to create new and stunning photographs.

John Mubara – Senior Delegate
Responsibilities:  Club Commissioner - I pass and regulate all clubs on campus. MEND Drive committee member
Goals: I would like to create a positive environment for our school. In addition, I want to help students work on their full potential not just as a student, but as members of society. I also want to help increase our school-spirit.
Fun Fact: I am a huge Laker fan! I can spend hours arguing with you about why Kobe Bryant is the best to ever play the game. I am also a huge fan of eighties music; my favorite artists are Michael Jackson and Journey.

Amanda Wilheim – Senior Delegate
Responsibilities: Apparel Ambassador; As ASB's Apparel Ambassador I am in charge of all the apparel items we design and order for our class.
Goals: I want to see ASB get more students involved and make new activity ideas that people will be eager to participate in. I hope to make all students feel more connected and comfortable at school.
Fun Fact: I love iced coffee, the beach, over-sized sweatshirts, long road trips, and being captain of our amazing cheer team :)

Hasibe Caballero-Gomez – Senior Delegate
Responsibilities: As a junior delegate I assist my class both the ASB class and junior class in all events and fundraisers. Along with that I am chair of Public Relations/Community Outreach where I spread the word about ASB. I also work in Mend Drive and Homecoming Tickets.
• Goals: My goal is to bring about fresh new ideas in ASB that will benefit the school. I especially want to focus on relations between ASB and the school.
Fun Fact: I was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras but my name is actually from the Middle East.

Junior Class

Nadia Vargas – Junior President
Responsibilities: As Junior president, it is my responsibility to lead the class of 2018 to help raise as much money so we can have a junior year as well as senior year. I am also excited to be the co-chair of spirit week, which means planning and executing the week of school spirit before homecoming. I am looking forward to the responsibilities the new year to come will have.
Goals: My goals this year are to step out of the box and try new things to make this a successful year. As well as be the voice for the student body.
Fun Fact: I am cross country captain and have ran track and cross country for the last two years.

Alyssa Asprer – Junior Vice President
Responsibilities: As Junior Vice President, I work alongside the other Junior officers to lead the Class of 2018 as well as work within the specific committees of ASB to plan various school events. The priority for all ASB members is to ensure that students’ voices are heard.
Goals: I will serve and represent the student body to the best of my ability, and introduce new ideas to make the school year the best it can be. Moreover, I will strive to complete all tasks necessary in order for our class to have a fun and successful Senior Year.
Fun Fact: In addition to ASB, I am a part of GHC’s Key Club. I also enjoy traveling, dancing, live theatre, and spending time with my loved ones.

Mimi Parrott – Junior Senator
Responsibilities: My job as Junior Senator is to record and keep track of minutes during every Junior council meeting. I am Co-Chair of Homecoming Tickets and Video-Tech. My job is to design tickets for the homecoming dance as well as film and edit videos that ASB puts out. I am also a member of the Spirit Week Committee.
Goals: My goals this year in ASB is to increase school spirit, listen to all student concerns, and raise money for our fun activities here at Granada.

Lida Haiati – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: I'm currently one of the Homecoming Dance Chairs, which means I'll be planning the Homecoming Dance this year, which I'm very excited for! I hope I'm able to plan a fun night for everyone this Fall!
Goals: This year our focus in ASB is on policy change (it's one of our main goals), and I really hope to see that!
Fun Fact: My favorite superhero is The Flash but I like Marvel more than DC!

Jordan Shaw – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: I help plan Friday Activities. I’m currently working on the MEND Drive, and I also help award our accompanied academic teams!
Goals: I want to make this one of the best years in Granada history, by making all of our activities fun and exciting!!!
Fun Fact: My favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is blue!

Alex Gatus – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: This semester, I am a co-chair of the Homecoming Tickets and Community Outreach committees, while also being a part of the Homecoming Dance committee. Who knows what next semester holds?
Fun Fact: I'm the president of Granada Hills Charter's Key Club, I'm currently in the International Baccalaureate program, and I'm also in Filipino Culture Club! I'm typically out every weekend doing community service or doing my homework like all you other procrastinators. Also, I love GHCHS Dance Team. "You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think"-A.A Milne

Fatimah Ogunmowo – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: As a junior delegate I assist my ASB class and Junior class with whatever they need involving fundraisers and events. I am also The Chair of Supplies so it is my job to make sure that ASB has all the materials we need to put on our amazing events and notify the GHCHS students with our eye catching posters. I am also on the club council where I help interview, new and old old clubs. I am also apart of Publicity where I help promote school events and fundraising.
Goals: My goal this year is to help the student body have more Granada pride and also help my fellow ASB members stay organized and well equipped for future plans. I also would like to further improve my communication skills and leadership skills. Also to listen to the thoughts of the student body and hopefully bring them back to ASB and make sure their thoughts are heard.
Fun Fact: When I'm older I would love to go into the field of Politics or Criminology

Pamela Greganda – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: I am the Homecoming Parade co-chair, and the PR/Communications co-chair. As a Homecoming Parade co-chair, it is my job to plan the annual Homecoming Parade, which takes place during our Homecoming game, right before the dance. Then as a PR/Communications co-chair, it is my job to create our ASB board, which is located along the hallway of the main offices. It is also my job to create an open line of communication between students, the student body, and the administration.
• GoalsThis year, I am hoping to create a more effective line of communication between the students and the administration. I’m also aiming on creating a more fun, but comfortable environment for all students.
• Fun Fact: I’m obsessed with sneakers that has fun designs/prints on them, well, I’m obsessed with sneakers in general. It’s my way of expressing myself!

Chris Ha – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: At the moment I am currently one of the club commissioners that over looks the club applications and interviews. I am also apart of the friday activities committee which helps plan and set up the friday events on campus. Also I am apart of the student services standing committee which helps improve student life on campus such as water stations, fountains, benches, and etc.
Goals: I want to leave a lasting change on this campus (policy wise) that will appeal to current and future students. More specifically I would to focus on making dress code and publicizing school beautification.
Fun Fact: My horoscope is pisces, I’m left handed, my nickname is jimothy, and i like to draw.

Alexis Clare – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: Club Council, Co- Chair Commissioner of Athletics, Co-Chair of Publicity
Goals: I want to improve our workforce along with interacting with my fellow peers. I want to be involved with our school's extracurricular activities along with making the student population happy.
Fun Fact: I run track and field, I’m in the IB program, I love american cinema, and I love puppies.

Richard Gomez – Junior Delegate
Responsibilities: As a junior delegate, I participate in ASB and Junior class fundraisers and activities. I am also chairman of two committees, ASB Apparel and Commissioner of Athletics. In detail I help in ordering and coordinating ASB apparel as well a contributing on picking the Athlete of the Month.
Goals: As an ASB member this year, my goal is to bring new ideas to help benefit the school. I would also like to build stronger relationships with my ASB classmates and students around the campus.
Fun Fact: I love clothing and design, as well as spending time with friends. I also love watching movies, and I can type at a speed of 35 wpm.

Sophomore Class

Salma Tarzi – Sophomore President
Responsibilities: In addition to being the Sophomore Class President, I am one of the co-chairs of Spirit Week, where we organize the week dedicated to school spirit! I am also a member of the Community Outreach committee in which we find volunteer events to become more active within our communities!
Goals:  I hope to get more people in our grade interested in sophomore council meetings so that our year can be the best, and hopefully sophomores dominate color wars this year! Class of 2019 for the win!!!
Fun Fact: I am on the speech team at Granada and my favorite color is BLUE ;)

Ariana Gamble – Sophomore Vice President
Responsibilities: I am one of the Homecoming Co-chairs and a delegate in the fall spirit week committee!!!
Goals: Last year i said i broke my arm making pancakes when i was like 7, and the clumsiness just continues because recently I got my toe stuck under the dashboard in my mom's car and I genuinely couldn't get it out for a while.

Blossom Madumere – Sophomore Senator
Responsibilities: As Sophomore Senator, my job is to record minutes for every council/steering meeting. I also work with officers to increase student participation in our class by organizing events, fundraisers, & etc. I am also the chair of Homecoming Court, where we plan and organize an event for students to be more involved with homecoming by running for a royal position. In addition, I am a member of Homecoming Parade and Mend Drive.
Goals: My goal this year is to listen to student’s concerns and create events that they can not only enjoy but benefit from. I also strive to come up with new innovative ideas that will help increase school spirit throughout campus.
Fun Fact: I am very active with my church's youth group and I love to dance!

Rachel Kim – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: My job in ASB as a delegate is to support the class officers in whatever choices they make. As a class in whole, this semester I am the co-chair of homecoming publicity, so publicizing homecoming for this year would be another of my priorities.
Goals: My goal in ASB is for me to be more responsible and handle situations in a more professional way this year, and help plan events that would help the students and the school as a whole.
Fun Fact: I like watching pigeons eat pineapples. It can't be any other bird, just pigeons.

Sarah Danon – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: My job as a sophomore delegate consists of helping to organize the sophomore council as well as working to help my class in any way I can. As a part of the MEND and Publicity committees my responsibilities include creating publicity in order to raise awareness around the campus as well as working on the MEND Drive. Additionally, I am a booster club representative.
Goals: My goal is to make this a great year for the sophomore class and well as Granada as a whole and raise school spirit!
Fun Fact: II am interested in a career in literature and hope that one day, I can write a book of my own.

Cecille Omega – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: My job in ASB is to help come up ideas for Spirit Week and make the week as enjoyable for the student body. My other job is to organize Homecoming Court for homecoming.
• Goals: This year I would like to update the dress code that fits our modern fashion senses.
Fun Fact: I really loved food that are fermented like natto and kimchi.

Jiselle Nakoud – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: As a sophomore delegate, it is my responsibility to assist anyone during school events, fundraising, publicity, and wherever else I am needed.
• Goals: My goal is to make all these next four years in high-school both an enjoyable experience and a memorable one. Also, to encourage the student body to have more school spirit!
Fun Fact: In addition to ASB, I am on the Varsity Cheer team here at Granada. Also, I love to bake for fun and my favorite show is One Tree Hill(:

Arianna Laleh – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: This semester I am one of the co-chairs for Friday Activities, which organizes and puts on all of the Friday Lunchtime Activities that include Pep Rallies and themed days! I am also a co-chair for the Community Outreach committee, and our job is to find volunteer and service events for the students so that they are active members in the community, in addition to being active within Granada! I also consider it my job to make sure all your voices are heard so don't be afraid to approach me with an idea you have :)
Goals: To provide y'all with the most exciting year possible in terms of ASB run events! My biggest goal is honestly just to get more students to participate and enjoy school as much as possible!
Fun Fact: Something not many people know about me is that English is actually not my first language, it's Farsi! In addition to ASB, I've been dancing since the age of 5, and this is going to be my first year as a member in Key Club! !

Vanessa Flores – Sophomore Delegate
Responsibilities: This semester, I am currently in Public Relations and Booster Club Committee. In Public Relations my job is to be a resource between students and administration on problems students would like to resolve.
Goals: My goal is for students to have an amazing and memorable year!! As well as interact and participate in all students activities.
Fun Fact: I’m not only in ASB but I am also on varsity cheer and love to tumble on my free time!!

Freshman Class

Emily Kumagai – Freshman President
Responsibilities: My job is to oversee the freshman's class council, raise money for our class, plan events, and make Granada a better place.
Goals: I want to plan a lot of events that get freshmen involved with Granada, improve Granada's campus, and make sure there is a strong connection between faculty and students.
Fun Fact: I love doing things and am in a robotics team, a small group leader at the Christian club, and am learning how to play 3 instruments! I also love meeting new people, so feel free to talk to me anytime!

Megan Alva – Freshman Vice President
Responsibilities: As a Freshman Vice President my job is to help lead the class of 2020, as well as assisting the Freshman President. I am also part of the Homecoming Parade committee and Community Outreach.
• Goals: My goal this year is to make sure all the freshman are informed and understand what is going on so we can have a great and fun year.
Fun Fact: I often say "me too" and "@ my life" basically everything lol. I can also dislocate my knuckle.

Joy Lee – Freshman Senator
Responsibilities: As the senator, I am responsible for making note of minutes during the freshman class council meetings. I am also a member of the homecoming court and publicity committee.
Goals: My goal is to get the freshman class hype and super spirited for all the exciting and fun activities ahead of us. I want to show my peers the thrill they are in for, for the next four years.
Fun Fact: I love to play the guitar and basketball. And I also have a BIG fear of snails, sadly.

Abigail BenNun – Freshman Delegate
Responsibilities: I am a part of Publicity and the homecoming dance committee.
Goals: I want to make sure that this is the best experience it can possibly be for the freshman class this year. This is our first year in high school so it is a big transition for us.
Fun Fact: I am a in LOVE with the show Teen Wolf!!

Andrew Lara – Freshman Delegate
Responsibilities: Friday activities & club council
Goals:  I want to bring new smiles and laughs to the entire student body, some changes that i would like to see is the student body bringing a lot more positivity to the campus.
Fun Fact: I’m a VERY social person so if you ever see me around don’t be shy, say hi, that rhymed haha.

Yumi Shim – Freshman Delegate
Responsibilities: As a freshman delegate my job is to notify and assist anyone in our school during certain events. I also help with Publicity and the Spirit Week committee.
Goals: My goal is to have people in our grade involved so they may have more school spirit and to be excited for the upcoming activities.
Fun Fact: I like playing volleyball and my birthday is on 7/11 :) . I also love to eat food.

Ezra Leauanae – Freshman Delegate
Responsibilities: As a Freshman delegate, I assist my class officers in any way that I can, whether that is through adding my input to a topic or completing an assigned task. I am also apart of the Spirit Week committee as well as the MEND committee.
Goals: My goal for the class of 2020 is to help them make the most out of their high school experience. I would like to get the freshman class more involved in school activities and events as well as more connected to their communities.
Fun Fact: I once jumped in the pool with my iPhone 6s in my pocket… now I don’t have a phone.