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This group is open to all interested artists with all levels of experience. Multiple levels of performance demand allow success for students from beginning to advanced.

Each fall, this ensemble performs as part of the City Champion Highlander Marching Band. Performances include football games, field show competitions, television commercials and appearances, media events, and performances all across the western united states. This group also performs routines with the band featuring all forms of dance including modern, jazz, ballet, Scottish, world dance and more. The group is current reigning L.A. City Tall Flag/Dance Team Field Champions.

Each spring, the ensemble competes indoors as part of the Winter Guard International Circuit and Winter Guard Association of Southern California. As well as continued dance training, members are also trained and perform with props such as tall flags, sabers, rifles, short flags and more. Granada Hills earned the Gold Medal at this year’s Southern California Indoor Championships.

Please come to J-4 for more information.

GHCHS Varsity Winterguard 2014 @ Golden Valley HS

GHCHS JV Winterguard 2014 @ Golden Valley HS