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GHCHS DECA Money Matters Mini-Conference Spring 2016

Money Matters was an event where many of our GBF and DECA students shined bright. We began the morning at around 7:30am with over 80 of our team members getting a chance to practice their role play event. From 10:00am - 2:00pm, around one hundred middle school students and parent/guardians participated in a series of activities that taught professional dress, social media product development, and stock investing. Two words jumped to mind in reviewing the event - diversity and engagement. Diversity was reflected in the ethnicity and academic abilities of the students who participated in and led the workshops. One young man attended in a wheelchair, and other special population students participated.

Any secondary school teacher will tell you middle school students can be a handful to keep on task, yet our GHCHS DECA team implemented workshops where our middle school visitors were highly engaged throughout every session. Tim, Judie and I were really impressed with the universal focus and enjoyment observed in every session. Here's the highlights.

* Parveen Cheema and Genesis Martinez-Serna led their team in teaching two sessions of Stock Market Game: Become The Next Stock Mogul. Each student received their own on-line Stock Market Game (SMG) account where they were taught the basics of stock investing with an emphasis on the need and justification for maintaining a diversified investment portfolio. The session blended several teaching strategies - short videos, direct class wide instruction and individual tutoring. During the workshop, students were guided in developing a diversified portfolio of five stocks that they purchased in their SMG accounts. Students will have access to their on-line accounts until May which will allow them to track how their portfolio performs, and to see how they rank among other Southern California students who compete in SMG.

* Shelby Becker, Jennifer Xie and a dozen team members guided middle school students through two sessions of Design The Next Million Dollar App. Students received a short lesson on the potential of mobile commerce. Examples of successful apps illustrated how to identify an unmet market need and then students designed their own app that could serve an identified market segment. Mentor-led teams collaborated on developing a conceptual app, drew a physical design of the app to illustrate its function, and created a marketing pitch oriented toward potential investors. Student teams then presented their apps to the room in a two-minute pitch.

* Money Matters culminated with a luncheon subsidized by Dickey's Barbeque. Stephanie Barboza and her group first had to clear Highlander Hall of the competition tables, and then set up and decorated the hall for the luncheon. The room looked great and made a nice back-drop for our two political speakers. When the event was finished, DECA members tore down and cleaned the room, so we left it how we found it.

* Supervisor Antonovich and Assemblyman Wilks attended the event and spoke at the luncheon. Both were able to visit the workshops to see our DECA team instruction first hand. They were impressed with the aforementioned engagement and diversity they observed. Both committed to lending future assistance in using our GHCHS DECA experience as a model for other area high schools to follow. They articulated the significance that our school's Charter status has played in supporting the phenomenal growth of our GHCHS DECA chapter in just three years, and in its growing status within this 70-year-old national organization with 220,000 high school members.

* Ian Solano and Hannah Untarya shot a multitude of impressive, well framed photos that captured the flavor of the event. Good quality photos eat digital space, so I can include only a few examples of their work below, but keep an eye out for the slideshow video that will be posted on the DECA Activities section of the GHCHS website.

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