Video Competitions

The Idea Challenge 2013 is a fast-paced competition that challenges K–12 and college student teams around the globe to find a new use for a common, everyday item in eight days. Student teams of three/four will present their innovative new use for the common, everyday item and share their results in a three-minute video posted on YouTube. The common, everyday item to be used in the challenge will remain a mystery until announced by DECA on November 15, 2013.

For our first year, our GHCHS DECA students showed creativity and potential that made their submissions competitive. We all learned a lot this year, and expect to do even better next year.

The DECA juniors formed groups in Business Statistics, and developed the following submissions. I gave them most of this week to work on it, but virtually no direction as I wanted to see what they would do (or not do) with limited supervision. I was pleased to see that they stayed on task, and prepared submissions that showed thought, effort and potential. When you have a free moment, please view their short videos with a thought toward how we might support and refine their film making efforts in the future. My personal favorite is the Christmas Ornaments idea. I'll be curious to hear about your favorites. Many DECA activities and competitions involve making videos so seeing some potential here is encouraging.

French Press
Alexa Meyers
Joshua Gomez
Max Rotter
Stephanie Pinedo
Rebecca Hwang

Cookie Cutters
Erica Garcia
Lena Shin
Jazmine Rivera
Whitney Ize-Iyamu

Customizable Decor

Holiday Ornaments
Sharie Moir
Ashley Pena
Sabrina Ramirez
Merlin Pinedo