Special Education

Granada Hills Charter High School - Special Programs and Education

Students with Learning Differences
Success for All Students

At GHCHS, the Special Education Program is grounded in the philosophy that ALL students can learn. A specific program is customized for every student with a disability, and a particular disability category does not automatically qualify a student for a program placement. Most students enjoy a combination of a variety of programs. In addition to the fully customizable continuum of services, all students have access to ALL academic programs, athletics, and activities. Our services and programs have been designed to meet a variety of students’ educational and social-emotional needs that include the following:

• The Resource Program/Learning Center Model allows students to take general education courses with support, which can include one or two periods of resource and/or skills support classes each day.

• Special Day Classes Granada Hills Charter High School is unique in that most Special Day Classes are taught using a co-teaching model. Co-taught classes offer students the most inclusive experience with the support of two teachers and a Special Education Classroom Assistant.

• Co-Teaching Model Granada Hills Charter High School has added additional support classes to ensure success for all students. We continue to meet the changing needs of different subgroups of students with disabilities by providing them with quality instruction in their areas of highest need – literacy, social, and behavioral skills – in the Least Restrictive Environment. The targeted support classes include Social Skills Support, Behavioral Support, Literacy
Skills, and Study Skills. Students may take one or more of these classes throughout their tenure at GHCHS as described in the IEP.

• DHH Program Deaf and Hard of Hearing students are fully mainstreamed in the continuum of programs with support (sign language interpreter or aide) and take one period every day of DHH Communication Skills. Granada Hills Charter High School and LAUSD work in partnership to offer this unique program to students outside of the GHCHS residential boundaries.

• Severe/Moderate/Mild SDP2 Program is in partnership with Eichmann High School-Students. Students in this program require the highest level of support. This is an academic and life skills based curriculum, where students participate in CAPA testing and typically earn a GHCHS Certificate of Completion. The students are given opportunities for campus work experiences in the Cafeteria, Reprographics, School Offices, and the Student Store. Electives are taken with non-disabled peers. Some students from Leichman High School attend this program part-time. Cohorts of students from Leichman High School also attend gardening classes and art classes once a week on the GHCHS campus with their non-disabled peers.

In all of the programs described above, teachers, and aides assist students in accessing grade level curriculum with assistive technology and other supports provided in their IEPs. General education teachers, resource teachers, special education class teachers, and related service providers instruct from a multi-tiered approach, utilizing differentiation on a daily basis to meet the needs of all students as well as scaffolding lessons for students who need more support. Both summative and formative assessments are used to measure progress towards grade level standards as well as IEP goals and are reported to parents every six weeks and at IEP meetings. To provide students with the Least Restrictive Environment that is highly individualized, the resource specialists, and special day class teachers assist the general education teachers in meeting student needs through a combination of co-teaching, consultation and collaboration in the general education classroom as well as in resource support classes, and, when necessary, in the school’s Learning Center or Specialized Support Classes to assist students in achieving their IEP goals and accessing grade level standards.