Pre-Enrollment for Incoming Students


What do you need to do? Follow the Steps Below:

Step 1: Go to to find out if GHCHS is your residential school.
Step 2: Make an online appointment at

Day Date Time Room Appointments
Tues - Thurs May 30 - June 1 8 a.m. - 12 p.m. Attendance Office Make Appointment

Step 3: Fill out the online GHCHS enrollment form at Follow the instructions on the back of this sheet.
Step 4: Please bring the proof of residency documents listed below:
  • DWP Bill and Gas Bill (please email the Attendance office
    if these bills cannot be provided)
  • Parent/Guardian driver’s license with the residential address
  • Student's birth certificate
  • Student's immunization records
  • Most current semester report card
  • If applicable, the most recent 504 plan or IEP
  • If applicable, legal guardianship issued by the court

If all mandatory documents are NOT provided at the time of the appointment, the student will not
be enrolled. You will need to make a new enrollment appointment.

Please note: All students new to GHCHS must attend the 2017 Summer Transition Academy.
Incoming ninth graders will complete registration during the Summer Transition Academy.

Click here to download the Pre-Enrollment for GHCHS Residency

Instructions to fill out the online enrollment form:
  • You will need to go to (there is no link on Granada’s website for the online enrollment form, type this into the address bar).
  • Once there you will need to click on the “Register New Account” link which will take you to the account creation page you will use only for enrollment. On that page you will enter your name, create your own login and password, and put in your residential information and click on the “submit” button.
  • On the next page, you will click on the “New Application” button and then the “Go” button underneath that when it appears.
  • On the enrollment form, you will need to select the 2017-2018 school year button, then enter today’s date (the day in which you are filling the online form out), then select 8th grade. Our school has not advanced anyone to the next grade level yet. Your student’s grade level will change accordingly when our system is ready.
  • When filling out the application, please SKIP the “Contacts” section. We have a form in the office you will fill out with contact information.
  • The 4 sections you will need to fill out are “Student Information Tab,” “Additional Information,” and “Additional Questions”.
  • A couple of tips – you only have 20 minutes to fill out the form otherwise you will be timed out and it will ask you to log in again. It is recommended that you click “Save” button after each section to save your work. When you are done, click the "I Agree” and then “Submit.”
  • If the enrollment form is submitted correctly, you will see your student’s name with the word “Submitted” by it and then you can log out.
  • You must come into the Attendance office to complete enrollment by making an
    appointment and providing mandatory documents as listed on the reverse side.
  • The student is NOT enrolled if this process is not completed.

Don’t forget to bring the proof of residency documents with you to your appointment.
4:00 p.m.
4:00 p.m.