Single Subject Research Pathfinders

Many students are researching current events and contemporary issues for their senior projects and 9th grade research projects. Throughout the Spring term of 2014, we will be updating our library website to include individual pathfinders for these subjects.

All pathfinders are created in Microsoft Word. To download a pathfinder, double-click on the name of the document then choose either SAVE or OPEN as needed.

Many pathfinders include articles from JSTOR and EBSCO databases. If you need the login and password for the databases, please feel free to pick up this information from your English teacher or the library.

ALL PATHFINDERS ARE DESIGNED TO WORK FROM HOME OR FROM SCHOOL. If you experience problems accessing materials within the pathfinder, please contact the library. Sometimes database providers change URL addresses or reformat database interfaces without notice. Theory of Knowledge (TOK) pathfinders are listed under TOK

Requests for research are accepted throughout the year. If you need research assistance, please feel free to contact the library through your Gaggle email. The address is