Where are they now?

In September, Rodney Lazar, GHHS Class of 1987, returned to campus to celebrate with his team and coaches the 30th anniversary of Granada’s football city championship and cheer for Granada’s win against Kennedy. After the game, we had a chance to catch up with Rodney and ask him about life at Granada and beyond:

Who were your most memorable teachers at Granada?
I had two favorites. Mr. Weiner, our student leadership teacher, and Ms. Kemp, my 10th grade English teacher. My memories of Mr. Weiner are all smiles. He was my mentor throughout my years at GH. As VP of the student body my senior year, I used many of his approaches to leadership. We ended up bringing in a major music act for a performance at GH that year because we were so active. Since then, he has passed away but I have had the honor of meeting his son who had also been in student leadership at CSUN. Ms. Kemp was so kind and passionate about teaching. She would read stories to us with heart and meaning and that love would pass on to her students. One of my favorite teachers ever.

What university did you attend after graduating and what was your degree? Why did you pick those?
For undergraduate, I attended CSUN. As a recent immigrant to the country, it was not culturally popular to move away so my choices were limited. CSUN was outstanding, though. I was also in leadership there as AS VP my senior year. My undergraduate degree was in Finance. I received my Masters of Business Administration from Pepperdine in business.

Describe your career path after college.
I was recruited out of college into a management training program for Time Warner’s music distribution arm Warner/Elektra/ Atlantic. Learned a ton in two years as I rotated through all parts of the company. That journey led me to move onto other companies such as M&M/Mars, Nestle, and MGA Entertainment. Throughout my path, I learned to work with different people across the spectrum of companies. Understanding how companies operate A-Z, from order taking/ sales to collecting cash has helped me in my ability to head the worldwide finance/accounting operations of my current position at Innovate MR, a market research firm.

Do you have any advice for current students or recent alumni?
Don’t take life so seriously. Allow yourself to experience it by living in the moment. As a recent graduate heading into college, that is the most important. Many grads feel that they have to know exactly what they have to be at 18. I say give yourself a break. Take classes that you would not normally take and you will get something out of them