Where are they now?

For nearly 15 years, Rachel Steinman, Class of 2003, has worked on award-winning and high-profile shows, including the Oscars and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Splitting her time between LA and New York, Rachel is an "equal opportunist" when it comes to work. She oversees many award, variety, game, and talk shows. As a member of the esteemed Television Academy and the Producers Guild of America, she votes for the Emmys and the Producers Guild Awards. In between television "gigs", we caught up with Rachel to chat about her time at Granada and her exciting career.

1. Describe your role in producing television shows.

Depending on which show I am working on, I may be the Script Supervisor or Production Supervisor. As a Script Supervisor, I am like an editor, I check for continuity, format the actual script document, as well as oversee its distribution. It is also my responsibility to facilitate the script with the teleprompter. Literally, I make sure everyone is on the right page at the right time. As Production Supervisor, I oversee the schedule and individual segments of a show, making sure all departments have the necessary information they may need within one document. I also "time" the show and make sure we get on and off the air on time.

2. What sticks out the most in your memory of Granada?

I was involved in the process for Granada to become a charter school! With Chelsea Crawford, the Environmental Science teacher, I started a club called “Change the World.” We replaced soda with other healthy food and drink options as well as started a recycling and composting program. The club also created a community Earth Day festival that ran for 3 consecutive years.

3. Describe your career path after college.

I started working in television immediately after graduating from Granada. While working 60-70 hours per week on award shows and "Dancing with the Stars," I was able to earn my degree from CSUN in Entertainment Media Management within 4.5 years. I am truly proud of that accomplishment.

4. What do you like about producing television?

As we say in the business, “we go live at 5.” Everything you rehearsed could go off without a hitch or go wrong, and there is a rush that goes with it. Specializing in live TV, is like producing a theatrical show each evening. It may not always be glamorous, but the work that I do is an essential part of what the viewer at home enjoys. And I work with some of the best people in the industry. My philosophy is, if you can produce live TV, you can produce anything.

5. How do you feel Granada helped prepare you for the future?

It provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow in areas other than just academics. Many of the skills I developed, I have been able to translate into a successful career!